Podcast Live-Streaming: A Comprehensive Guide

Podcast Live-Streaming

If you are looking to find a new way to stream your show, then podcast streaming is the best way to do so. Podcasts are a new way of entertaining and engaging the audience, and there are multiple channels available to stream your show. You can even choose podcast live-streaming, which is the most popular and effective way to engage the audience. This new way of streaming a show is in trend because the content format is unfiltered and people love to watch raw feed. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s live or pre-recorded, the content format will remain the same. You can even choose to use cloud-based video streaming platforms that can store your content, and you can deliver it whenever you want like YouTube.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about podcast live-streaming and how to use it effectively.

What Is Live Podcast Streaming?

Live-streaming of a podcast can be best described as showcasing and recording your show with a virtual audience. The feed of this will be raw and unfiltered and can be enjoyed by the audience. There are multiple streaming platforms that can be used, or you can choose to use simulcast live-streaming to reach a wider audience. Through this, you can enable both audio and video podcasts to stream through different channels. But in order to do that effectively, these channels need to work with HLS streaming protocol to give a streamlined experience.

Types of Live Podcasts

Podcast live-streaming can be done in two formats, either you can choose for video podcast or audio. Where the audience can see and hear the live content without any cuts and in real-time. This means there is no editing, no pre-planning, no post-production, etc. Just clear and raw content. And if you are using podcasts for your business or organization, then you can choose to use continuous streaming services that can pique the interest of the audience. Using this can also help in improving the brand image of an individual who is looking to reach a wider audience.

Why Do Live Podcasting?

If you have decided on the goal and the topic of your podcast, and you are using live-streaming, continuous streaming, simulcast streaming, or multi-streaming platforms. Then you can hold many advantages over the traditional way of doing a podcast and can be made a better way to create a loyal and lovable audience. Best of all, if you use a low-latency streaming service, then you can record your audio also by producing high-quality content. Which is glitch-free and can be downloaded. Some interesting things about streaming a podcast live are discussed below.

Build an Engaged Audience

Even if you have a loyal following, if you choose podcast live-streaming, then you can tap into the particular audience that will be interested in each show. Although traditional podcasts can sound more convenient and appealing to the audience, live podcasts can be enjoyed by a lot of people. For example, if you have a business industry or marketing-related topic that is informative or educational or useful tips kind of topic. Then you can choose for live video conferencing podcast since these events are already very popular and turning them into a podcast can make it more entertaining for the audience.

Generate Excitement

Use podcasts to generate excitement and hype about anything. Like if you are going to launch a product, merch, service, or anything using podcast live-streaming can help in doing the work effectively. You can choose to do this, especially for any kind of huge announcement and since you already have a huge audience base who is listening to it. Can help in doing the work effectively. And you can even choose to take advantage of this by going live for a timely event that is occurring after a long time to compete with other podcasters. Another effective way to create hype is to choose simulcast live-streaming for your podcast that will be available to much larger audiences in an instant.

Create a Community

With live-streaming of a podcast, you will be able to provide a more interactive experience to the audience. And not only with you, but they will be able to interact with each other through comments. Rather than just plugging in the headphones, they can be engaged in the same activity and at the same time as other people from all over the world. And if you offer a chat box during the live feed, they can send real-time messages, they can even get recognized by you, and you can officially initiate into the family. This way, they can be more likely to get engaged for the next podcast in the same rush and excitement. This can only be done during a single live stream, and not when you do with simulcast live-streaming.


Live-streaming a podcast is the best way to interact with the audience, and there are many significant benefits to doing that. There are many ideas that can be used for a podcast, and there are multiple ways to do so. To make your podcast more effective, you can choose to use simulcast live-streaming, through which you can reach a much wider audience in a single instant. And you can choose to use any topic for your podcast, but make sure that whatever platform you are using should not use RTMP streaming but HLS that have low latency for better streaming.