How To Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign This Year

Email Marketing

There are many channels you can use to reach your customers and target audience within Digital Marketing. Social networks, Google Ads advertising, and email marketing are just a few of the many channels available to you.

We will tell you about email marketing, tips to make your campaign successful, and how to use it to increase e-commerce sales.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most efficient methods of online marketing. Email marketing allows for advertising, commercial, and communication campaigns. These emails can be tailored based on the location of each customer in the conversion funnel.

Email marketing objectives:

Why email marketing is needed? You can use E-mail marketing to achieve many objectives. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Attracting customers: The objective is to get new customers who don’t know our brand by sending them commercial communications via email. This strategy is less popular as you may be committing a crime if you don’t have permission to send such communications. These cases also have a lower opening rate.
  • Customer retention & loyalty: this involves sending personalized promotions to customers who know us and have purchased from us before. It is possible to, for example, get our client upgraded to a better service (upselling), to sell products that are related to the ones they have already purchased (cross-selling), and to get customers back to make another purchase.
  • We send newsletters to inform our clients about all news that happens in our business.
  • Emails with an informative nature: They are used to inform the customer about the status of their order and to resolve any issues, or to simply thank them for making a purchase.

How do we obtain user permission?

There are two methods to market email. The first involves sending large emails to people without their consent.

The second relies on the fact that all clients who are going to be affected by this type of advertising must have consented to receive commercial communications.

Three ways to ask customers for permission to receive email commercial communications

  • Opt-out: In this instance, the client doesn’t allow it to appear in the database. Instead, the company includes them but sends them instructions to unsubscribe via email.
  • Opt-in: The user asks to register in the database and does not need confirmation.
  • Double opt-in: This is where the user requests their registration in a database. The system then sends an email to in which the user must confirm that they want to be added. This option will allow us to obtain a better-quality database.

Tips to run a successful campaign

If you want your email marketing campaign to succeed, there are some things that you need to consider before we launch it.

Use email marketing tools

is the first step in designing an email marketing campaign. This allows us to select the tool we will use. This allows us to quickly and easily create professional emails that are attractive and appealing to our customers.

These tools also give us metrics that allow us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns.

There are many email marketing tools available, but recommend Acumbamail to our clients. This tool is affordable, easy to use, offers great customization options, and allows us to segment and measure the impact of our campaigns.

Avoid sending intrusive emails

We have mentioned that the user must grant permission before they can send them any commercial communications via their e-mail.

This will ensure that we have a high-quality database that will result in sales. We recommend that you use double opt-in because we can make sure users are interested in what we offer and will not waste your budget.

Segmentation is crucial to executing a successful email marketing campaign

It is a good idea to group contacts according to their characteristics if you have a large list. Also, contacts can be grouped by criteria like their age, interests, stage of the buying process, and Lead Scoring. Lead Scoring is a method of classifying leads based on their quality. 

Create a professional and attractive email

If we want to convert our campaign, this is crucial. It will be hard for us to convert e-mails from marketing into sales if we create an unattractive email that doesn’t build trust with our customers.

Send personal emails

Everyone wants to feel special and valued. Personalized emails are a great way to make our users feel special. Also, a personalized email can help you achieve a higher conversion rate.

This is because calls you by your name. Email marketing tools allow you to personalize your emails according to the interests and stage of the conversion funnel.

Get professionals help

Experts who can help you design the perfect campaign. This will help ensure your campaigns are successful and increase your conversions. Contact us if you require this service, or for any other digital marketing related services.