Tips for Maintaining Your Brother Ink Cartridges and Extending Their Lifespan!

Tips for Maintaining Your Brother Ink Cartridges and Extending Their Lifespan!

The laser printer has been a very popular choice for businesses for a long time. Brother(r) has been a company that has consistently done excellent work with its monochrome series of printers particularly, offering an impressive selection of models every year. All Brother laser printers include a black toner cartridge that is equally well-liked and provides consistently crisp prints and an affordable operating cost. Today, we’ll skip the discussion about printers to concentrate exclusively on Brother toner cartridges. We’ll focus on the most sought-after Brother toner cartridges, and talk about the installation of toner cartridges and troubleshooting.

In the beginning, let’s talk about our Brother Monochrome Cartridges. Every series we mention comes with a standard yield and high yield cartridge (we provide the standard yield cartridge’s code first, then the high yield counterparts). If you’re not familiar with what high yield or capacity refers to, it’s the word used to refer to cartridges with more ink. More pages printed = more page yield, which is also known as high yield. Standard cartridges are a bit stuffed with toner, and print lower prints than high yield. Printing once or twice a month is fine in these cartridges that are less expensive however, for anything more, it’s best to go for the higher yield. For instance, The standard yield of TN-730 provides an average of 1,200 pages as opposed to the high yield of TN760 can yield 3000 pages.

Here are some suggestions to maintain your brothers’ cartridges of ink –


The most effective method to save money on the cost of brother ink cartridges is to squeeze as long a life from the cartridges as you can. Does your laser printer give you a “toner low” message? Try the most-loved Brother printer low-toner override method! Take the cartridge of toner out Give it a good brisk bump against your hand, then move it around for thirty minutes. Retry to enter it and check whether the message disappears.

The dust that is contained in a cartridge may stick to each other and then clump together. A “bump and shake” method is usually able to release the toner that has clumped up and let the printer “see” the actual level of toner remaining inside the cartridge. If you don’t get the “printer toner low” message still present, you’ll be able to print more pages from your cartridge if you get rid of the dust in the.

Pop Out And Push In. Unplug

An easy trick for Brother printers that display warnings of “low toner” warning is to remove the cartridge from the printer, sit back for some time, and then push it back into. The printer memory is reset and prompts the machine to “look again” at toner levels. This will allow you to get the most out of the Brother toner cartridge.

Do you want to try a trick that is even simpler? Set your printer back to default by switching it off and on again or unplugging it and then plugging it back in. Simple is best.

Tick-Tock Toner

In contrast to ink cartridges, the toner isn’t really expired. Make sure you stock up when you come across an affordable cartridge–your toner will not go out of date. If you’re looking to get greater life from your cartridge toner, keep an eye on the levels of toner, as well as “think before you print.” Do you really require to have a copy of the data on your computer? Do you want to email the information instead, or even send the link as text? Planning your print jobs ahead of time will help you save time and paper as well as ink and toner.

Maintain It Clean

The performance of the cartridges for toner decreases in the event that your printer is dusty or dirty. There’s no need to be meticulous in cleaning your printer by regularly dusting it and performing a nozzle test every time you replace a cartridge is sufficient. If you’ve got the time and desire to do it, a thorough cleaning will never hurt.

Tale Of The Tape

Certain Brother printer cartridges come with sensors on their housings. It may appear to be tiny holes in the otherwise solid appearance. This sensor alerts your printer to stop printing because there’s not any ink. This means that the printer won’t function until the sensor is deactivated. 

If you’re looking to learn how to extract more ink from Brother cartridges, an easy technique is to use electrical tape. Utilize a small amount of tape to cover the sensor on the cartridge. Start the printer and check if it can recognize the level of toner. Certain Brother printers are responsive to this method, so using it may be one of the best ways to know whether it’s working.

Buy Genuine Brother Toner

As hard as you try it, you’ll need to replace that cartridge in the near future. Don’t fall for the cost-saving temptations offered by fake toner! Non-OEM toner cartridges may leak, create paper jams and low-quality pages…if they function at all. Make sure you use authentic brother ink cartridges and ensure your printer is running at a high speed. As Brother states, “not all ink and toner is created equal.”